March 26, 2023

Day 88: Grazalema (Drive/Cycle)

So the clocks went forward. My circadian rhythm remained unchanged. So I awoke at the usual time and, therefore, was an hour late for the start of the day!

Accordingly, today's bike ride theoretically also started an hour later. Once started, and after about 20 kilometres of cycling, the ride was subsequently delayed by approximately 1 hr 45 min due to a rally car event! What is odd is that you only become aware that there was a rally in progress once you arrived at the road closure point. You would have thought there would be a sign at the road junction before the event to inform you of the road closure so that you didn't pointlessly drive/cycle all the way to the event, only to be informed you have to either make a u-turn or wait until the event becomes a non-event. I was misinformed by the steward/official that it would be over in the next 20 to 40 minutes. Clearly it was not - A Spanish woman eventually became somewhat annoyed by what appeared to be an unnecessary delay between the finish and subsequent authorisation to proceed and so she had a go at the official. It made no difference! It did appear that he was unduly delaying reopening, as traffic was using the other carriageway. So it goes! Officialdom doing what officialdom does!

Anyway, as always, all "bad" things must come to an end, and once this one did, we got moving again. A minor inconvenience really for this here cyclist! Who was overtaken by a fellow cyclist less than a kilometre from the summit of the big climb of the day! Now, that could be classed as a disappointment, but there were mitigating circumstances! 1) I was melting in the heat; sweat kept getting in my eyes; I'd slowed to reduce perspiration; 2) He, being Spanish, probably thought it was cold! And didn't appear to be sweating 3) He was a young whippersnapper, whereas I'm an old fart! All valid excuses me thinks but, more likely, he just happened to be fitter than me!

Tonight I reside on the outskirts of Grazalema. Another Pueblo Blanco popular with the tourists: It does look rather picturesque nestled into the mountainside.

What a difference a day makes: tonight it didn't get dark until about 9pm - yesterday it was about 8pm!

  • Distance driven: 22 miles
  • Distance cycled: 55 km
  • Weather: Like yesterday but cooler with some light cloud cover (you know, that dangerous kind that if you are not careful results in major sunburn)
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's route: