March 27, 2023

Day 89: Olvera (Cycle/Drive)

For all you cyclists out there, I highly recommend the climb from Zahara de la Sierra to the Puerto de Los Acebuches. If you are in the area it is a must do climb: I'm minded to say it is possibly the climb I've most enjoyed on this trip. I hope to do it again some day.

Meanwhile, I've moved to Olvera, which is the start for tomorrow's ride. I thought I was moving to "free parking" but it turns out that what I thought was going to be free is costing me €5 a night! Oh well, hopefully the bike ride will be worth it. The route includes another Via Verde, so it should be good.

As for circadian rhythms, mine have adjusted from the previous night such that the synchronisation is now only about half an hour adrift from clocks going forward! Perhaps, by tomorrow, synchronisation will be complete and, I'll waking up at about 8am!

Heading towards the start of the big climb of the day:

  • Distance driven: 25 miles
  • Distance cycled: 79 km
  • Weather: Morning was more cloudy than yesterday with a temperature of about 20°C: it was nice cycling weather. In the afternoon, as I started my climb, the sun came out.
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's Route: