March 28, 2023

Day 90: Olvera (Cycle)

Cycling today was a game of two halves. The first being the Via Verde de la Sierra. Apparently it was voted the best of the Via Verdes but, I know not who got to vote! The stats are:

  • Length: 35.6 kilometres
  • Altitude Change: 295 metres
  • Viaducts: 4
  • Tunnels: 30
  • Longest Tunnel: 990 metres
  • Stations: 4
  • Ice creams: 2!

Longest Tunnel:

On completing the Via Verde it was onto roads for a route that crossed the cycle path near by the Coripe Station, where I stopped for the first ice cream of the day. The second was had on my return to the Olvera Station. There's been a distinct lack of ice cream over recent days/weeks that it seemed okay to have two ice creams, especially as it was very warm again today!

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 91 kilometres
  • Weather: Hot hot hot and more hot; it was hot!

Today's route: