March 31, 2023

Day 93: Ardales Campsite (Cycle)

A pleasant cycle today that took in a view of the southern end of the Cominito Del Rey, which effectively is the end point of yesterday's guided tour.

Here is a photo of said view (It includes the bridge across the gorge that we walked across (about 100m above the water level) and the cliff boardwalk that crosses over the railway bridge):

Obviously there was climbing to be done:

It was very warm early afternoon with the Garmin reporting a temperature of 36°C in the sun. It did cool to mid twenties later, and was only 11°C when I set off in the morning.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 80 km
  • Weather: Starting cool, becoming rather hot (for me), cooling slowly, but not yet cool enough (24°C at 9pm in the van, at maximum ventilation)!!

Today's route: