March 31, 2024

Day 94: Castilleja de Guzmán (Drive/Cycle)

Looking towards Sevilla from my current park-up location:

And, here's the van - I do like the look of the first van!

Four days without being on a bike, it has been a while since I last went that long without cycling. I was starting to wondering whether I'd remember how to do it! So I was keen to get out for a ride today. The forecast was for it to yet again rain through to mid-afternoon, with a 30% chance of rain around the 5pm hour.

Ever the optimist, I set off at 5pm, got 5 kilometres down the road; the heavens opened and I got soaked; eventually finding some shelter at Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo! Where I stood below a lintel for what seemed like an age, but was probably about 20 - 30 minutes. The sun came out before the rain stopped, So at rain cessation I was able to finish the rest of the ride in sunshine, which meant that by the time I'd returned to the van I was, except for my feet, dry! However, I cut the ride short because I could see that I'd likely find myself under dark clouds again if I continued with the planned route.

A short while before the rain commenced:

A short while before the rain ceased:

The short ride, only 31 kilometres, was definitely a good taster of cycling in the countryside north of Sevilla. I'd definitely be tempted to explore the area further if I returned to the Province of Sevilla.

Also, although only a short ride, it was great to be out of the city of Sevilla riding my bike, even if it did pish with rain for a while!

  • Distance driven: 5 miles
  • Distance cycled: 31 kilometres
  • Weather: Rain AM and PM but brightened up at about 3pm (GMT+2)
  • Location: Location: Google Maps

Today's route: