March 30, 2024

Day 93: Sevilla (Walkabout III - Wot Not Again!)

What can I say, it rained again in Sevilla!

Fortunately, it brightened up mid-afternoon.

The good news is:

  1. I managed to source some very good coffee beans at Hispalis Cafe, which I was unable to do yesterday;
  2. I managed to source some good bread (I was missold at the previous place! The bread was white, not wholemeal - it was sold in an opaque bag!;
  3. The weather is forecast to improve over the next couple of days;
  4. I'll be having some more Créeme ice cream later, which I'm very much looking forward to.
  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Much the same as the previous couple of days.