April 2, 2023

Day 95: Cabra (Cycle)

The human body is a very amazing odd contraption! I go for a very pleasant cycle ride and there is hardly the slightest intrusion from the many mosquito bites somewhat randomly distributed over body. Yet, as soon as I return to the van almost all of them are screaming out to be scratched. Indeed, I fail to understand why they are itchy in the first place. What purpose does that serve? Other than to annoy me! Is it really all about testing my will power not to scratch? Because, if I do scratch them it only makes the situation worse! So I ask, yet again, what is the point of the itchiness when to scratch makes it worse? Can there really be such thing as a merciful god? Or is the Supreme Being a joker?

About one quarter of today's ride was on the Via Verde Del Aceite, the rest was on very quiet roads; perhaps mostly people were in church, it being Palm Sunday!

A view from the Via Verde:

A view from a quiet road:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 88 km
  • Weather: Guess what? Yep, another hot day (for me anyway!)

Today's route: