April 3, 2023

Day 96 Cabra (Cycling)

Given that I'm currently parked-up in Cabra it seemed appropriate that I should bump into a flock of goats (goat collective nouns: flock, herd, tribe, tripe, drove and trips)

These were seen on the Via Verde del Aceite, of which I completed what remained of the Via Verde that I did not ride yesterday. It was a there (Jean) and back again (Capra): A round trip of about 112 miles. About 7.5 hours on the bike.

Most of the way it was olive trees as far as the eyes could see:

A few tunnels broke up the monotony:

As did the viaducts:

Fortunately the route was mostly devoid of walkers, other cyclists and dogs. Therefore, I didn't have to worry about running over toddlers, kids, dogs or their owners, which is always a good thing to avoid.

  • Distance driven: 0 (Effictively the big head home starts tomorrow via Madrid).
  • Distance cycled: 180 km (This is probably my last bike ride of this trip).
  • Weather: Same same but different in a kind of unnoticeable way!

Today's route (Note: This is the out route - I followed the Via breadcrumbs back to the start! Also, once I hit Jean (the place not the person) I stopped as soon as I found food and, so I turned around about 1km from the end point). Also note that this was a "found" gpx route that I modified for my start point in Cabra).