June 26, 2015

Day 97: Shelby

To be honest I could not really be bothered with crossimg the Plains. I think this is primarily due to the great time I've had cycling in the mountains and, as such, I was reluctant to see this phase of the trip come to an end.

However, it has mostly been a pleasurable day. That is except for a rear wheel puncture and the mosquitoes.

Now I was expecting the prevalence of mosquitoes to increase as I got into the Plains. Yet I'm only in the foothills of the Rockies and thus in the transition phase between mountains and plains, yet the mosquito count has taken a step change and, being unprepared, I got bitten alive when I arrived at the City Campground (Lake Shel-oole Recreational Area) so had to make a hasty retreat. Result was approximately 12 mosquito bites vs 5 dead mosquitoes. Mosquitoes win by quite some margin!, especially as I ended up in a motel! I most definitely need a plan! And soon.