June 23, 2015

Day 96: Glacier National Park (Two Medicine Campground)

Awake at 5am on the road for 5.45am. All this because I need to be at Logan Pass by 11am! All because they close the road to cyclists from 11am to 4pm. (I can see why this is necessary, as the road is narrow and the traffic heavy, but it would be good if, say, one Sunday each month they did the opposite and banned motor vehicles, other than the official red coaches, rather than cycles).

I made it to the Pass with more than 30 minutes to spare and managed to stop as often as I wished to take photos:

This is my last day in the mountains until I hit the Appalachians. To celebrate/commiserate my total ascent for the day was approximately 7350ft (2240m).

To be honest, I very much enjoyed my time cycling up, down and about the Rockies, aĺl except for the rain, snow, sleet, hail and near hypothermic descents, what's not to like?

Indeed, it is tempting to remain in them, but New York beckons, so east, east, east I head from tomorrow until I reach the coast of Maine.