April 4, 2024

Day 98: El Bosque (Drive/Cycle)

Today I rode up one of my favourite climbs, but first:

Before arriving at Zahara de la Sierra there were some minor climbs to overcome:

Here is a photo of the Castillo of ZdlS (at this point I'd completed about 3 kilometres of the 13.6 kilometre climb)

And one of the reservoir, which looks pretty low to me!

Here's a view of the road I cycled up, at this point I only had about 1 kilometre to go (ZdlS, Algodonales, and the reservoir dam can be seen in the distance!)

Only 0.4 kilometres to go at an average gradient of 7.5%:

And finally, at the top of the climb:

Just about to start a short descent and climb to the next puerto:

At the top of a short climb and the start of the day's big descent:

Just about at the end of the ride:

Mosquito News:
Two days ago a mosquito invaded the van late in the evening. I made a number of attempts to euthanise it, but it evaded death. However, it came into view as I was driving to Algodonales. I immediately stopped and euthanised it: One - Nil to me!

However, glory was short lived. Unbeknownst to me, another mosquito made home in my van yesterday evening. It first came to my attention after it injected me with anticoagulant, no doubt accompanied by other substances, on the left side of my right big toe and twice on the right side of my left knee! I failed to kill it - it hid somewhere. I think I briefly saw it this afternoon but, having opened all of the van's doors and windows I haven't seen it subsequently - hopefully it has "flown the coop" to find a. n. other victim! Nil - Two to the mosquito!

Both nights the mosquito net was deployed over my bed. It appeared to work fine on both occasions.

  • Distance driven: 27 miles
  • Distance cycled: 56 kilometres
  • Weather: Too hot for my liking - on my return, the van was at 34°C. At max ventilation, windscreen screen on, as I write this at 6pm, it is currently 29.7°C in the van. Outside it is about 24°C in the shade, much warmer in direct sunlight and, whereas yesterday the breeze was cool, today it is warm and more like light airs rather than breezy! But, mustn't grumble!!

Today's route: