April 3, 2024

Day 97: Algodonales (Drive/Cycle)

A day of:

Four pueblos:
Algodonales, where the ride began and ended:

Olvera, atop a hill:

Ronda, atop a cliff edge:

Zahara de la Sierra, atop a hill and adjacent to a reservoir:

Tres Puertos:
Cabañas at 530 metres:

Montejaque at 703 metres on the A-374:

Montejaque at 720 metres on the A-2030:

However, the high point of the day was at about 820 metres.

One ignored highway sign:

The road was passable!

No ice cream! But, on return to the van I tried the coffee I bought in Sevilla. It makes an excellent stove top coffee, not as good as in the coffee shop (obviously!) but, nonetheless, probably one of the best I've bought. Highly recommend Hispalis Café's coffee and, no I'm not sponsored nor bribed!

  • Distance driven: 14 miles
  • Distance cycled: 103 kilometres
  • Weather: It was rather warm today, but there was a cooling breeze (depending on the direction of travel) that helped with sweat evaporation!
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's route:

  1. Cycling on the A-374 is not great! It does have a thin hard shoulder and other cyclists were using it, but it is much busier than the other roads on this route.
  2. On leaving Ronda's town centre, after the U-turn at Puerta de Almocábar there is a section of very steep rough cobbled pavé - you've been warned! Yes I was surprised when I encountered it, it was totally unexpected!
  3. The 400m off road section immediately prior to rejoining the A-374 is one-way in the opposite direction in which you need to cycle! I think turning left at the junction immediately after passing underneath the railway is the correct way to go!