April 2, 2024

Day 96: Puerto Serrano (Cycle)

Sometimes you make a plan, and then, somehow it becomes something set in stone that must, by any and all means, be completed. That is, it takes over and dominates in such a way that possible alternatives cannot be contemplated.

This almost just happened to me. I had planned a route that was approximately 128 kilometres in length, with 2200 metres of climbing. However, yesterday evening I was knackered but was convinced that, following a good night's sleep, I'd be fine in the morning.

Well, once in bed, I initially couldn't get to sleep. Instead, my brain decided it wanted to recap/playback the events of today and consider the plan of action for tomorrow and the coming days. Then, when I did eventually get to sleep, I awoke at 3am - bright as a spark! Couldn't get back to sleep; listened to the BBC's World service for about an hour; eventually dozed off; woke up; awake for a while; dozed off .... until I finally slept through until about 8.15am. Moreover, all this time, from when I first awoke at 3am, I was feeling rough and had a low level headache.

Fortunately, I came to my senses and, instead of just battering on, I changed my plans and my route and, went for an easy 81 kilometre ride (50 miles). Well, mostly it was easy, I forgot that there was a 350 metre section of 20% gradient on the road into La Muela. You may recall, probably not!, that I cycled through this village last year as part of the Via Verde Sierra ride, which I used as the basis for today's ride.

Given the recent spate of extended and at times, heavy rain, and my bikes 32mm slick tyres, I was a little wary about cycling the Via Verde, especially in the tunnels; some have lightning, some don't:

Anyway, the cycle track/path was mostly okay but, my bike was filthy by the time I returned to the van.

It turned out to be a fine (mostly) relaxing (nearly) five hour cycle ride, which normally I'd have ridden in less than four! I'm glad I changed my plan and I'm convinced it was the correct decision - the main thing was that I was out in the sunshine riding my bike!

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 81 kilometres
  • Weather: Just about perfect for cycling

Today's route: