June 26, 2015

Day 99: Malta

So we've (Terry, Eric, Dusty, Angie and I) have been riding US Highway 2 for the past few days. Here is a photograph of it:

You will see that the hard shoulder is rather narrow, but it is better than nothing! Here it is a little better:

And here it gets even better because not only is there a very wide shoulder but, in addition, there is a rumble strip to warn cyclists should a driver not be capable of keeping their vehicle within the limits of the carriageway.

Whereas this is an absolute ridiculous state of affairs and most definately not good for cyclists:

So here they have placed a rumble strip in the middle of what should be a safe area for cyclists to ride. Forcing said cyclists onto the main carriageway of a 70 mile an hour road all because it is deemed necessary to place a safety measure just in case a driver falls asleep or veers of the road because they are not paying due care and attention. Personally I think that these rumble strips should be removed to make it safer for cyclists then, should a driver leave the road because they've fallen asleep or not been paying attention then in my humble opinion that's one less idiot driver on the road!!!

In the meantime, we passed through:

  1. Chinook
  2. Zurich
  3. Harlem
  4. Fort Belknap
  5. Dobson (Some believe this to be Montana's mosquito central, others believe it to be Saco, which we pass through tomorrow!)