June 26, 2015

Day 100: Glasgow

Today we road from Malta to Glasgow, a distance of approximately 73 miles!

On the way I thought I'd take the alternate route, which I was informed was 6 miles road and 6 miles gravel. Normally I'd avoid gravel but it was said that the road passed through an area of outstanding natural beauty. So I thought surely a little rough stuff is worth it to get a look at some beauty. Problem was it was 16 miles of rough stuff not 6! But it was worth it ... just!!!!

And tonight I stop in Glasgow, Montana, and just like Glasgow, Scotland, it rained, but I missed it as I've treated myself to a motel (The Campbell Lodge) and have been updating the blog. Only knew it rained when I popped out for Pizza! In addition it will give me some respite from the mosquitoes, which have been dining out on me! I may need to resort to the dreaded Deet!

Passed through:

  1. Saco (Mosquito Central: they are gassed twice a day, but still they come!)
  2. Hinsdale