March 24, 2023

Day 86: Ronda (Cycle/Drive)

It's funny the connections the brain randomly makes.

You may have heard of "A Fish Called Wanda", well, I'm in a place called Ronda!

Although, I nearly didn't stay: The reason being that I was finding it difficult to find a suitable park-up location. The first two locations I tried were patently not suitable and, after a detour around the town, I discovered that the third location was full and not to my liking anyway.

At that point it crossed my mind that I'd give Ronda a miss and go to an alternative town. But, instead I decided to give it one last chance! Well, I almost regretted that before I'd even arrived at location four. This was because Google Maps firstly routed me through the narrow streets of the old town where there was often only a few millimetres between the Van's paintwork and other vehicles. Fortunately, I managed to reach standard width roads without mishap only for Google Maps to send me down a single width cobbled street, with no passing places, a narrow bridge with sightseers lining the barricades and a steep climb as a denouement!

I suppose it could be argued that we've all been warned not to blindly follow Satnav and, as such, I should have known better. Unfortunately, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where the road at first sight appears to be okay, however, it's not until you find yourself fully committed that you realise that the route you've embarked upon is one you wished you hadn't! Indeed, this could be said to be true of so many things in life!

Anyway, here I am at location four and, I think it will do. Phew!

.... And then I went for a walk ... A few hours later .... Here's a couple of photos:

Here is the Puento Nuevo - It looks pretty old to me! (It was built between 1751 and 1793 and, until 1839 it was the tallest bridge in the world: its height is 98 metres)

I was not aware of the fact that Ronda is a tourist trap; I can see why and, it was busy!

  • Distance driven: 75 miles
  • Distance cycled: 11 km (cycled into Malaga to get sourdough bread and good coffee)
  • Weather: More of the same.
  • Location: Google Maps