May 4, 2015

Day 45: Ridgeway State Park

So today the plan was to take a short ride into Telluride and, effectively, have an easy day.

At the end of the Telluride Road, the road appeared to continue!

However, on arrival Plan B was envoked, which was not to stay! The reasons being:

  1. The campground does not open until next Monday;
  2. The cheapest motel was over $100 a night (Telluride is definitely not worth that amount of outlay);
  3. There appeared to be a high proportion of the population that looked less than happy with their lot: perhaps too engrossed in how they were going to minimise their tax returns.
  4. It did not feel like my kind of town: oxygen and massage boutique and, a cat and dog boutique (for all your cat and dog needs!), and the likes, told me all I needed to know about the place.

Toy town houses in Telluride: there appeared to be lots of these either built or under construction:

So I had breakfast and headed out of town. But don't get me wrong it's location is outstanding, but just not for me. So tonight I'm camping in the Ridgeway State Park.

Not only that, but good fortune befell me on the way to the campground. You see I had followed the cycle path from the town of Ridgeway towards the State Park when, without warning the bike path ended and there was a 3m high fence between where I was and the main road. However, I did notice there was a narrow dirt path leading off towards the Park so rather than retrace the miles I'd already cycled I proceeded along said path. Eventually there was a steep section, which I ascended in first gear, to be confronted by a fork in the path. One fork led off in the wrong direction, to oblivion no doubt! The other, although heading in the correct direction, was barred by a 3m high gate and the continuation of the 3m high fence. Did I say that good fortune had befallen me? Well, here it is: I thought I'd check the gate and, lo, was there not a clip to open said gate. Yippee! Ah, but there is more: As I was about to close the gate Nancy cycled up, offered to close the gate and then, having ascertained that I was destined to stay at the very same campground she was already pitched at offered to share her pitch. So I got to stay at the campground for free, and in the company of: Nancy, Judy and Cedar. How lucky am I? (At least today anyway!)