August 30, 2014

Day 166: Canyon Dam

This 300 tonnes rock was transported 5 miles from the Lessen Volcano when it erupted on 19 May 1915.

So yesterday was a long day so that we could be one day ahead of our previous schedule. However, this means that instead of an easy (ish) day followed by a hard day, it was a tough day followed by another tough day (128 miles and 2m of climbing).

Indeed the first 60 miles today were mainly up hill to get from 3,000ft to 8,512ft as we passed into and through Lessen Volcanic National Park. The climb in the park was 17 miles alone and at one point I was suprised when I said to myself "great, only 7 more miles of climbing to go"!

The ride through the park was most enjoyable.

So in 3 days we have cycled 350 miles and climbed 6,256m. But tomorrow is any easy day: only 54 miles and 850m of climbing.

Canyon Dam