August 31, 2014

Day 167: Graeagle

After three tough days this was a fairly easy 55 mile cycle. On the way, just after the dead skunk, I spotted this:

At least you could not argue that you have not been warned!

So eventually we arrived at Movin' West RV Park where I was shocked and suprised to discover that it would cost us $36 (inc tax) EACH to pitch our one man tents! Typically, we have been paying $5 or $10 each per night.

Fortunately, we noticed that a Log Cabin, that sleeps 4, would cost us less: $49 (inc tax).

This is ridiculous, this suggests that if you wished to pitch 4 one person tents it would cost a princely $144, but just about a third of this for a cabin, and you would not have to spend time pitching tents etc.

Also, if you arrive after 4pm, do not expect to do your laundary, as laundary times are restricted to the hours of 9am to 4pm.

Although it may appear that I was less than happy with this place, the shower and restrooms were of the highest quality, indeed, to quote Sinclair, "the best so far".

As usual, nothing in life is as good or as bad as it first appears.