August 31, 2014

Day 168: Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe

This was going to be a fairly easy 59 mile ride to Jim's "cottage" by the shores of Lake Tahoe. Jim very kindly offered us the opportunity to visit him here when we met on the same occassion as our meeting with Loren, as we passed through USA Border Control.

So our ride was fairly easy, yes there were a few climbs, but nothing too serious, at least not until we reached the last climb of the day.

This is what I greated us at the top of the climb:

And this is what I saw when I turned round!

So no wonder it felt more difficult to climb than the previous hills. I thought it was just that I was knackered! The descent was pretty fast, 46 mph without even attempting to go faster by tucking in!

The evening with Jim, his guests and 6 Bernes Mountain dogs, was most enjoyable. As was the food prepared by Jim and his guests. Thanks one and all for the great hospitality and food. It was a pleasure that will live long in the memory.