September 4, 2014

Day 169: Markleeville

Oh the luxury of a bed and a lie-in. Finally arose at 9.30am and after a great breakfast we hit the road at 11.30am. Once again, thanks Jim for your fine hospitality, it was a pleasure to see you again.

The ride down the eastern side of Lake Tahoe was a joy and we passed into another State: Navada (The Silver State).

Our arrival at the Carson River Resort was less than joyous, especially after our previous night's accommodation. We were met by Zak who was on his first day in charge at the "resort"; he did not even know where the showers were located! And the stoney campground was located 1/4 mile away from them. We were less than pleased. But, seeing as it was the only gig in town, and it was 7.30pm, we stayed.