September 9, 2014

Day 176: Half Moon Bay

So, after a relaxing morning that included a visit to a bike shop, coffee shop and some more gelato, it was back on the road for the final leg of this cycle tour of America: San Francisco to San Diego.

Before leaving I cycled up the hill on the left, so that I could go down the one on the right (Lombard Street). Abut 27% gradient up, which is reduced on the way down by 8 sharp bends.

The plan is to start off by cycling down the Pacific Coast, probably as far as Los Angeles, and then I may go back onto the Sierra Cascades route. The contrast between cycling in the mountains and along the coast should be interesting and I'm looking forward to increasing my consumption of fresh fish.

So down the coastal route I went, but only 36 miles to Half Moon Bay. Along the way I passed the Montara Lighthouse.