September 18, 2014

Day 185: Malibu Beach RV Park

Originally the plan was to stay a Zuma Point State Beach. However, It was incorrect of me to assume that there would be a hiker / biker sites here, let alone a campground.

So plan B kicked in, which was to stay at Malibu Beach RV Park. Where check in is 1pm. So concerned that the tent area may be full, or fill up quickly, I wished to arrive early, which was not too difficult seeing that the ride was only 12 miles or so from Sycomore Canyon (and yes, the little mosquito b'stards feasted on me again this morning!).

It was then that I discovered that to camp in a one man/woman tent overnight would only cost $50.40 for a mountain side pitch! But the pitch did include no shade for free! Alternatively, i could pay an extra $17 to get a sea view pitch. Since I'd already had sea views most of the way down the coast from San Francisco, and could easily walk the 10m or so from my tent to get said view, I opted for the cheaper option!