September 19, 2014

Day 186: Los Angeles

With the Getty Museum probably being located as close to me as it is ever likely to be, I was most keen to visit it. I therefore thought it incumbent upon me to undertook further research into finding a reasonably (for L.A.) priced hotel.

And yes I found the Ocean Park Hotel for $168 for two nights. And having visited said hotel I'm pleased to report that it is clean and tidy. Even having to shared showers is a minor inconvenience compared to some over night stops we've had during the tour.

So tomorrow I'll get to visit the Getty Museum.

And, as for today, it was an early start; Venice Beach was a let down (perhaps due to time of day / year) so I took a short side trip into downtown L.A (15 miles from Venice Beach) and then cycled through Holywood and Beverly Hills to get to the hotel in Santa Monica. So it meant the short side trip into L.A. was 30 odd miles or so.