April 9, 2015

Day 22: Grand Canyon (Rest Day)

Burrrrrrrr ...... a very very very cold night last night. By all accounts the temperature dropped to somewhere between -6°C and -10°C. Either way it was most definitely cold (understatement:, brass monkeys and their balls springs to mind!). In general, I did manage to keep warm enough to sleep, but found that my feet would just not warm up. Tonight I'll double sock, as the forecast is for similar temperatures. Most definitely this is the coldest weather in which I have camped in a tent!.

Otherwise, a very pleasant day spent walking and cycling the Southern Rim Route taking photographs. The Village area was pretty nasty with hordes of tourists! However, beyond a couple of miles either side of the village there were significantly fewer people. God only knows what it is like here at the height of the season ..... probably best avoided, me thinks!

Was thinking that it would be great to visit earlier in the year and get down to the River, before all the tourists bus in!!!