April 13, 2015

Day 23: Cameron

Although the temperature was negative °C, it was not as cold as the previous night, and the double socks did the trick as my feet were toasty warm all night.

Left Grand Canyon, South Rim, after lunch. Lunch gave rise to one of those "two peoples divided by a common language" events. Having ordered a hot vegetable sandwich I was offered one of the following choices of side: Apple, carrot or chips. So, feeling rather peckish I opted for the chips but was somewhat disappointed when handed a packet of crisps! The sad thing is that this is not the first occurrence; you would have thought that by now I'd have come to terms with these nuances but, sadly not!

On arriving at my destination I visited the CONOCO gas/petrol station as the ACA (Adventure Cycling Association) map indicated that there was a campground thereabouts, which indeed there is at a cost of $10 a night for tents. Pretty reasonable I thought. However, having pitched my tent I enquired as to where the bathrooms/showers/restrooms were located and was in formed that I could use the launderette's restroom or the CONOCO'S, which closes at nine, thereafter I would be on my own. So not such a cheap campsite after all, as I can get those very same facilities wild camping! Yet another lesson learnt (hopefully that is two in one day, but I doubt it!)

Here is a photograph of my campsite: