January 28, 2023

Day 31: Altea (Drive/Cycle)

The view towards Benidorm from Serra de Bernia

Well it seemed like a good idea when I set off, but it wasn't long before I realised that this Saturday afternoon cycle was not going to be a "stroll in the park".

After an excellent night's sleep, the previous two nights were not so restful, I awoke at 9.10am; having slept from about 10.30pm and with only one awakening at about 5.20am for a call of nature. So, clearly a good start to the day!

After breakfast it was a easy paced drive to Altea for what I thought was going to be a wee, relatively easy, 30-mile-ish cycle: departing at 1220 GMT+1.

The first climb of the day was a visit to the Serra de Bernia, elevation 620m, distanced travelled approximately 5km, with an average gradient of 12%. Hidden in these statistics is the fact that the penultimate 3km averaged between 14%-16%, and the denouement is about 800m with an average gradient of 20% (according to the road sign!). In summary: It is brutal. I do believe it to be the hardest climb I've had the misfortune to ascend. Lesson learnt: don't cycle it again! It is definitely not a climb for old men!

The riding after that seemed relatively easy, which including a 9.5km climb with about 625m of ascent.

All in all, my lazy Saturday afternoon, 30-mile-ish ride, took in a brutal climb and ended up with over 1400m of ascent! What a Numpty! But, nonetheless, all part of the adventure! Happy days.

  • Distance driven: 28 miles
  • Distance cycled: 53km
  • Weather: Sunny AM; Some cloud PM
  • Location: Google Maps

Courtesy of Altimetrias