January 29, 2023

Day 32: Altea (Damp!)

A somewhat damp day with light showers leading to heavier rain later.

Here's a view of the current park-up location with a view of the hill I cycled up in the background!

A did go for a walk in the morning with a view to topping up my food store: neglecting to remember that I'm in a civilised country where supermarkets, and the like, are closed on a Sunday, which I think is a good thing.

However, I did manage to buy a rather nice almond croissant at a wee pastaleria on my way back to the van, which I enjoyed with my afternoon coffee.

Otherwise it has been a day of cycle route planning, researching places to park-up, trying to learn some more Spanish, walking up to the church on the hill (twice!) and feeding myself (thrice)!