April 29, 2015

Day 42: Mesa Verde

Well, since I only had approximately 40 miles to ride today, I had a lie-in until 8.00am! Indeed, by the time I'd finished faffing and consumed breakfast it was 11am before I actually commenced cycling.

Weather was better than forecast but there was still a ISoP event of level 2 at the top of the climb and I waited 10 minutes or so at the entrance to Mesa Verde whilst a shower passed overhead. Otherwise, for the rest of the day the weather was ideal for cycling.

As for signposts: because the signpost for the campsite is currently nonexistent I road straight passed it, which added an extra 3 - 4 miles to the day's milage, half of which was uphill but, given that I'll be cycling some 9.5 thousand miles by the time I reach NY, what is a few extra miles here or there?!.

It does not help that the site map is upside down!