May 9, 2014

Day 52: Waukeenah

Lou celebrated his 80th birthday today. We had a birthday breakfast at which he was presented with kind words and gifts.

Here we see Lou off to take a photo of his decorated Bike Friday.


Having cycled 51 miles to our campsite, setup our tents etc, we had an early map meeting, which was the pretext for a suprise meetup for the birthday boy with two of his sons and a grandson who had drive 10.5 hours to be with Lou. Not only that the three were bearers of gifts in the form of 12 tubs of ice cream. And not any old ice cream. This was the famous Grader's ice cream all the way from Ohio (stored in a container of dry ice). Obviously these bearers of gifts were gladly welcomed into the fold not only by Lou but also by his fellow cyclists, as is our custom, even without the ice cream!

So a grand evening was had by all, and a very happy 80th birthday to Lou, who is an inspiration to us all. Keep 'em spinning Lou.