March 6, 2023

Day 68: Calahonda (Arrival)

My intention was to move to Casarones, and us it as a base for a couple of cycle rides up in to the nearby hills. However, on arrival I could see that the "recommended" park-up location was effectively a rubbish tip. And that is why I'm now parked-up in Calahonda. Where I have now spent some time re-routing the pre-planned routes.

Whilst driving yesterday and today I started to appreciate just how much land in this area of Spain is covered in plastic netting to grow food: it is absolutely vast and appears to cover most available land, including much additional land that has been made available for growing good by cutting into hillsides.

  • Distance driven: 56 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: It was sunny and felt very warm up until mid afternoon. As I write this post it is raining!
  • Location: Google Maps