March 10, 2023

Day 72: Orgiva (Cycle)

A very pleasant day cycling through a few pueblos in tha Alpujarra mountains, which are located south of the Sierra Nevada. The scenery was pretty good too, as was the civil engineering encountered along the way!

However, I must say I was somewhat surprised when cycling round a bend I found the barrel of an artillery piece pointing directly towards me! Fortunately it was not manned!

The first pueblo visited was Lanjaron

Second: Beznar

Third: Melegis

Fourth: Restabel

Fifth: Pinos del Valle

On leaving PdV I noticed these flags flying in the wind .... unfortunately I was turning left!

However, I did shortly thereafter make a gradual u-turn, so I mostly got blown back to Orgiva. Yet, surprisingly, by the time I reached the van, there was not a breath of air and, it was 36°C in the van! Currently, at about 9pm it is 23°C!

Looking forward to another ride in the Alpujarra mountains tomorrow.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 65 km
  • Weather: Another hot (for a northern European!) and sunny day. (Sorry to all you folks back home where the current weather is not so warm!)

Today's route: