March 11, 2023

Day 73: Orgiva (Cycling)

Yesterday I said I was looking forward to tomorrow's ride. Well, tomorrow, as expected, arrived on time and, the ride did not disappoint.

The route was good; as was the weather and scenery. On excellent outing. The road from Orgiva to Trevelez was a little busier than I expected and seemed to be a popular route for coaches packed with sightseers visiting the pueblos. In particular; Soportujar, Pampaneira, Bubion and Trevelez appear to be some of the favourite honey pots.

A photo showing signs of Portugos and "not Portugos":

I do know that Trevelez is famous for its air-cured ham and, at an altitude of 1,476m, it is not the highest village in Spain, as many would have you believe. That honour goes to Valdelinares, Terul, at 1,695m.

I shall pass through Bubion tomorrow; many a sign in the region points the way to this Pueblo, so I'm expecting it to be the queen of honey pots.

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 78 km
  • Weather: Excellent for cycling, except for the headwind for the final 12 kilometres or so. Again, on return to base camp there was no wind and inside the van the temperature was 38°C! Currently, at 17:26 it is 29.7°C!

Today's route: