March 12, 2023

Day 74: Orgiva (Ciclismo)

A hard day's cycling but, nonetheless, mostly enjoyable. The mapping indicated approximately 7.5 kilometres of gravel road. When, in reality there was about 20 kilometres of the stuff! Surprised, and rather disappointed because I'd been looking forward to the fast descent on a paved road. When in actual fact I got a very gnarly and bumpy gravel road. So it goes! Character building stuff!

Eventually, I got back on the tarmac and continued the ride to the u-turn at Capileira. I must admit that with a couple of kilometres to the u-turn, through a combination of heat (approximately 29°C) and climbing exhaustion, I was running out of gas!

Thankfully at Capileira I had some food and drink, which helped; as did the thought that the return was about 95% downhill: yippee! It was fast and enjoyable.

In conclusion, I'd say that Orgiva makes a great base for some great cycling. But note: this is also based on having some great cycling weather over the past few days. I would also recommend today's climb up to Canar: and beyond, if you're on a gravel bike.

The climb up from Orgiva to Canar:

Just coming into Canar:

Looking down on Canar and beyond:


  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 63 km
  • Weather: Too hot (sorry!)
  • Milestone reached: Since leaving the UK I have driven 1,930 miles. Today, my cumulative miles ridden on the bike, since leaving the UK, is 1,964 miles. My legs lead the Van's engine by 34 miles!

Today's Route: