March 13, 2023

Day 75: Salobrena (Arrival)

Salobrena Beach:

A quiet day of van chores and returning to the coast where it was predicted to be cooler: and it was:

So here are some things I have noticed whilst travelling in Spain:

  1. Many Spanish don't seem to know how to navigate themselves around roundabouts. In particular, even when turning through 270 degrees they use the outside line and, don't use their indicators to signal when they are about to leave the roundabout. I find the latter particularly annoying.
  2. Many Spanish tend not to acknowledge you if you give way to them, either as a pedestrian or in a car. Nor if you hold the door open for them. All bad manners if you ask me!
  3. Often I find I'm ignored when passing by someone and say (what I think is a perfectly correct pronunciation of) "hola"!
  4. I was led to believe that there would many a Brit out here motorhoming it; in actual fact we make up a very distinct minority - conspicuous by our absence. I don't know whether this is typical or as a consequence of Brexit or, the time of year.
  5. By far the most numerous motorhoming nationalities I have come across are the German, Dutch and French. Followed by the Spanish. The Italians, Belgians, Swiss and Polish are in the third tier! Then a smattering of Brits.
  6. I can't find Salad Cream for love nor money!
  7. The milk here appears to be significantly whiter than the milk I drink at home! I'm slowly getting used to it but, look forward to drinking my Ayrshire milk again, which has a much creamier look to it. Perhaps, because they are grass fed and live outdoors most of the year?
  8. Finding good bread is a chore.
  9. Many of the heladerias are closed; which is a big disappointment because I particularly enjoy an ice cream on cycling days, especially warm ones.
  10. Yesterday it was 29°C and yet I saw a woman wearing a puffer jacket; an example of how much more they feel the cold. The day before, I was out in my summer cycling gear thinking it was very warm when I came across a fellow cyclist dressed as though we were going to encounter ice and snow around the next corner!
  11. Finally, over the past week, I've noticed it's definitely getting warmer!

  • Distance driven: 22
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Nice!
  • Location: Google Maps