March 17, 2023

Day 79: Rincon de la Victoria (A No Fun Day!)

A day of chores for me!

  • Supermarket shop
  • Empty cassette
  • Full up fresh water
  • Full up diesel
  • Visit Launderette (to wash and dry clothes!)
  • Attempt a minor repair to van, which was not successful. Just need to be extra careful when reversing until repair can be made. (Nothing too serious, but does need to be fixed when I return to the UK!)
  • A wee bit of bike cleaning (remove dust and sweat) and lube chain.
  • On van roof to clean solar panels.

Oh the Joys of watching the spin dry!

Although it has been a day of chores for me, don't worry, I'm having a rest day tomorrow!! with a day trip into Malaga's food market, a coffee stop and, perhaps, some tapas! Ying and Yang, and all that Jazz! Happy days.

Addendum (the foregoing was written whilst doing laundry)
.... some hours later:
All was going well, I was pleased with all the chores finished and was about to return my bike to the bike rack, when I noticed what I thought was a pool of water under the van. On investigation it transpired that I'd accidentally lost almost all of my recently topped up fresh water. Instead of about 65 litres of fresh water I now have a full grey water tank and about 6 litres of fresh water!

Unbeknowst to me the tap in the toilet/shower space was open, so when I switched on the water pump to get some water from the sink tap, water also came out of the toilet/shower tap. Therefore, because I did not switch off the water pump after getting the water I needed, when I was cleaning my bike and on the roof cleaning the solar panels, I was losing nearly all of my fresh water.

Oh well, so it goes! It is unfortunate, but a minor inconvenience really!

  • Distance driven: 32 miles
  • Distance cycled: 0
  • Weather: Fine, again!
  • Location: Google Maps