March 21, 2023

Day 83: Torre de Benagalbon (Cycle/Drive)

There were five climbs today. On the first, a bee thought (assuming they can think!) it would be a good idea (assuming they have ideas!) to take up residence in my port ear (or, perhaps it mistook my ear for a flower!)! Naturally, I was somewhat perturbed by this turn of events and immediately took it upon myself to evict the B. In an act of wonton revenge the B landed on my leg; whereupon it stung me! I'm not sure which creature was more disgruntled by the whole affair. I mean I was left with a sting and a little seepage of blood, whilst the bee remained homeless and, if I recall correctly, in stinging me it may have effectively committed harikari! Nature doing what Nature does!

Thankfully, the second and third climbs were much less eventful.

The forth was the most enjoyable and scenic of the climbs.

Whilst the fifth, and last climb of the day, was the hardest! It has previously been used in the Vuelta.

Apart from the bee incident, it was another enjoyable ride.

  • Distance driven: 3 miles (My intention was to stay at the previous location for another night. However, Wednesday is market day in Rincon de la Victoria and where I've been parked the last few days is where the market's at. Accordingly, the area has to be vacated by 5am tomorrow morning! Not surprisingly, I decided to find a new location for the night).
  • Distance cycled: 86 km
  • Weather: Similar to recent days with an afternoon temperature of about 18°C in the shade: After climbing, descending was a little chilly, but not cold.
  • Location: Google Maps

Today's route: (If you look closely at the route you'll see that there is a second segment that is an out and back again. I only cycled this to see what it is like. I think if I were to do the route again I probably wouldn't bother with it! Also, the section of unpaved road is in fact mostly paved - only about 200 metres isn't).