March 20, 2023

Day 82: Rincon de la Victoria (Cycling)

A view of Malaga's bullring and port:

A tour of Malaga by bike. Some of the route was good, some not so good and the rest was shite! I will show route, but I do not recommend you cycle it! I can't remember whether I used a "found" route sourced from the Internet or made up the route myself. Either way it is a good lesson in how easy it is to get it wrong. The biggest problem was that a couple of times segregated cycleways I found myself riding on terminated unexpectedly, leaving cycling on busy dual carriageways! So it goes!

Self portrait with bike:

I do like a wee bit of industrial architecture: here's a couple of photos of a cement factory:

  • Distance driven: 0
  • Distance cycled: 65 km
  • Weather: Similar to yesterday.

Today's Route: