Spain Winter/Spring 2024

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Day 88: Almonte (Rain)

The sun eventually came out at about 4.30pm (GMT+1). So I popped out to recycle waste, get some fresh air and take a few photos. (Jesus finds his mother - I

Day 87: South of Almonte (Cycle)

Today's cycle was supposed to be 50/50 on/off road. First it was off road to the town border of Almonte. Whereupon I noticed numerous folk carrying very large pieces

Day 85: Alcarias (Drive/Cycle)

After going for an evening stroll in Tavira I returned to the van and, shortly thereafter it started to rain: Obviously I closed the skylights. However, this morning I was surprised to find

Day 84: Tavira (Cycle)

If you read yesterday's post then, no doubt, you're keen to find out the cause of the intermittent periodic bike noise, well, that will be along soon enough. But,

Day 83: Tavira (Drive/Cycle)

Tree of the day: The thing about riding a bike is that the velocipede should not make unnecessary noise, for example: squeaks, rattles, rubbing noises, drive chain noise, brake squeal, etc. Well, today,

Day 82: Olhăo (Cycle)

The good news: The bike performed well today. The bad news: A tooth broke today! It never was my plan to be cycling in Portugal for long. This was primarily based on my

Day 81: Loulé (Maintenance Monday!)

As a result of Maintenance Monday my bike is road worthy again having had a service, including: * Removal of old cable detritus from 11 speed gear shifter. * Re-installation of shifter * Install new gear

Day 79: Loulé (Cycle)

I discovered that "Visit Algave" has a website of cycle routes. You can find it here. Today's route was a modification of one of their routes, which I changed

Day 78: Loulé (Drive)

A bit of rest and recuperation was the order of the day. So, after breakfast, a visit to Aldi, Pingo Doce and, finally, to the Dutch Supermarket where highly recommended 3.5 year

Day 77: Lagos (Cycling)

A very enjoyable ride with Roddy up to Marmelete: Where we stopped for Bifanas and coffee, except these were much bigger than anticipated! Almost a year's helping of meat for me

Day 76: Lagos (Ciclismo)

Out cycling with all my friends again - solo! As a consequence of a South-easterly tailwind, I was effectively blown most of the way from Lagos to Aljezur via Vila do Bispo. I&

Day 75: Lagos (Cycling)

A cycle out to Cape St Vincent. On the they way we came across these captive stones: There were some short sharp climbs, as shown here: And as evidenced by this here sign:

Day 74: Lagos (Cycle)

Tri-cycles: Just a wee 130 or so kilometres of cycling today with Roddy. Here he is at the top: And here I am, so overwhelmed at our achievement that I have my eyes

Day 73: Lagos (Drive/Cycle)

Today I crossed the border into Portugal and almost crossed from one side to the other: I was only thwarted by the siren call of Lagos! I've tried to remember when

Day 71: La Rabida (Drive)

Too much phaffing led to yet more night time driving, which ain't fun when the roads are unfamiliar, in a very poor state of repair and it's pishing with

Day 69: San Fernando (Cycling)

It turns out that officially my current location is not San Fernando. Instead I'm at Camposoto! Not that there is anything much here except: some roads, roundabouts, parking spaces, cycle lanes,

Day 68: San Fernando (Cycle)

A cycle out to Medina Sidonia: And back to the van via Cadiz. However, I modified another person's route, which had me going over this bridge (I must admit to being

Day 66: San Roque (Cycle)

Today was all about cycling to, up and from, The Rock of Gibraltar. The thing is that when I plot my routes I typically don't check to see whether I'

Day 65: San Roque (Drive/Rain)

According to wikipedia, when the Anglo-Dutch forces and their Spanish allies took control of Gibraltar in 1704, during the War of Spanish Succession, former inhabitants of Gibraltar left and established the modern settlement