Spain Winter/Spring 2023

My 2023 Spanish Adventure Cycling and Campervaning in Southern Spain (January to April 2023) - 104 Daily Posts.

Day 78: Mora (Cycle)

Thoughts of returning to the UK have arisen because I had to go through the chore of purchasing an online ticket to walk the "Cominito del Ray". The walk is very popular and,

Day 77: Maro (Drive/Cycle)

Last night, using the Park4Night app, I found what was reported to be a good Park-up location. This morning, I rounded a corner in the road and was greeted with a view that

Day 76: Salobrena (Cycle)

Today's low point: 2 metres Today's high point: 1332 metres. Today's outcome: More happiness on the bike! Cycling "La Carretera de la Cabra" or "The Goat's Path" starts in Almunecar and is 36.

Day 75: Salobrena (Arrival)

Salobrena Beach: A quiet day of van chores and returning to the coast where it was predicted to be cooler: and it was: So here are some things I have noticed whilst travelling

Day 74: Orgiva (Ciclismo)

A hard day's cycling but, nonetheless, mostly enjoyable. The mapping indicated approximately 7.5 kilometres of gravel road. When, in reality there was about 20 kilometres of the stuff! Surprised, and rather disappointed

Day 73: Orgiva (Cycling)

Yesterday I said I was looking forward to tomorrow's ride. Well, tomorrow, as expected, arrived on time and, the ride did not disappoint. The route was good; as was the weather and scenery.

Day 72: Orgiva (Cycle)

A very pleasant day cycling through a few pueblos in tha Alpujarra mountains, which are located south of the Sierra Nevada. The scenery was pretty good too, as was the civil engineering encountered

Day 71: Orgiva (Arrival)

I arrived in Orgiva to discover that it is hippie central. It would appear that there are three nearby communities that arose in the latter half of the last century, two of which

Day 70: Calahonda (Hot Hot Hot Cycle!)

Summer has arrived! At least it has down here! I know I've mentioned the perceived temperature increase over the previous two days. However, on the lower slopes of this morning's climb, where there

Day 69: Calahonda (Cycle)

It turns out that what I thought was plastic netting is in fact plastic sheeting, supplemented, in some instances, with plastic netting for the sides: And here's a photo of Calahonda taken soon

Day 68: Calahonda (Arrival)

My intention was to move to Casarones, and us it as a base for a couple of cycle rides up in to the nearby hills. However, on arrival I could see that the

Day 66 Berja (Cycling)

The siren calls from Puerto de La Ragua have been calling me ever since I traversed the pass two days ago. So, having checked the weather last night, and again this morning, it

Day 65: Berja (Cycle)

A return to mostly riding on paved roads today (only 17% off road). The first, longer, mostly climbing, off road section made me wary of the second section. Riding the first section simply

Day 64: Berja (Arrival)

Today was all about catching up with myself! The past wee while has been a bit full on and, as a consequence, I've nearly run out of food and, and last night my

Day 63: Gorafe (Drive/Cycle)

Zero degrees C in the van at 7.30am: outside it was -2.9 degrees C! This afternoon, whilst cycling in the Gorafe Desert, it was 18°C. Here's some things I've learnt

Day 62: Baza (Drive/Cycle)

Tonight I'm on emergency rations! Who new it was Andalucia Day today? Not only that, who has a public holiday on a Tuesday? Until today, I knew not of both. As a consequence

Day 61: Tabernas Desert (Walk)

For a change I let my legs do the walking today. It was supposed to be a 9 mile, approximately 3.5 hour walk. At least that was the suggested time allowance. I

Day 60: Tabernas Desert (Cycle)

I was stupid but, somehow I also made a good and a not so good decision today. The good decision was to cycle the ascent to Calar Alto (Elevation 2101m) from a starting

Day 59: Tabernas Desert (Rest Day)

A day of rest and bike cleaning/fettling, and some forward planning. Otherwise it turned out to be a black and white kind of day. Here's a photo of the current park-up location,